Spiritual Contracts

A Spiritual Contract is the decision between your soul and anotherís to get together in the up & coming lifetime to learn and grow together. It may be for business, love or personal experiences. We have Spiritual Contracts with our Spirit Guides and other white entities to help guide us down our CHOSEN path in this lifetime.

Contracted Timing:
As I said in the article titled, "Free Will", we create a tentative blueprint for our life before incarnation. Our souls set tentative timing in which divine events should occur. After weĎre born, we donít always follow the signs we receive from Spirit or our intuition and we may miss the timing for those events. TIMING IS NEVER SET IN STONE, no matter what type it is. In plain English, the definition of contracted timing is simple. Itís the timing our higher self places on our blueprint before incarnating in the physical world. Most people miss the timing, but if itís a divine event, it will come back around later; so donít worry.

Romantic Contracts:
Most people have this twisted idea that they were born to be with JUST one person and once theyĎve found that person, theyĎve completed their mission in life. SOME people have made contracts with just one person before coming into this lifetime, but not all. Itís rare, actually. 99.9% of the time weíve made contracts with more than one person to carry a lifelong partnership in this lifetime.

SOME people make it a point to NOT have any contracts for their love lives, which could result in not getting married or having a significant other at all. Why would someone do that? Contrary to popular belief, weíre not born to fall in love, get married, have babies and be blissfully happy. Weíre here to learn plain and simple. Itís a choice their soul has made to complete every lesson and experience they wanted in this lifetime.

Karma & Contracts:
If there is any "unfinished business" with a soul from a past life, we may choose to contract one another to clean up that karma. Most of the time, our souls choose our contracts based upon the karmic lessons we need to complete in order to fully evolve.

Karmic events can come out in any area of life. Iíve seen more PLCís (past life connections) coming out in romantic relationships. If youíre ever in a bad relationship cycle and wonder why, just know that itís probably karmic. Your job in that area is to crack the cycle and learn the lessons presented. Just because you have a Spiritual Contract with someone, doesnít mean that itís set in stone on your path. You have the Power of Choice to pass that door by and open another, which would change your options for that area in your life.

Also, just because you want someone, does NOT mean you have a romantic contract with him or her. What you may want and whatís in your highest good are two totally different issues. If you are being rejected, you had a small contract to learn to deal and that person was the catalyst.

If you do pass up a contract and it happens to be a lesson your soul wanted to complete in this lifetime, it will be presented again on another path, in a different form. If you passed up a PLC (past life connection), you may have to re-connect with that soul in the next lifetime.

There are times when people come into our lives for one specific event and never show up again. Most likely, if they played a major role in the event they were contracted to do so, but they just werenít contracted for forever in your life. This happens so many times itís not even funny. You may feel connected to someone who has been contracted for a specific event in your life, but that does NOT mean theyíre Mr/Mrs. Forever. Itís best to assume that every event and every person that plays a role in them were meant to be, no matter what the end result is. If you learned a lesson from that person or event, it was definitely meant to be.

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